[Samba] SVN/CVS-like share for Samba users?

Michael Barnes mbarnes at hcjb.org
Thu Dec 22 16:43:19 GMT 2005

While Samba is a great tool, there is no one tool that will work for 
every occasion.  The use you are describing may be very well served with 
a collaboration tool, such as a Wiki.  A web based solution, there are 
many flavors out there which have various levels of security and 
accessories.  Personally, I happen to favor TWiki (see 
http://www.twiki.org/).  It has a fair CVS system built in, can support 
multiple projects simultaneously, and many other useful features.

You user simply goes to a web page, views the document, edits it as 
necessary, and moves on. It is fairly user friendly.  If your user can 
learn to log into a computer, open Word, edit a document, close it, and 
later find the dame document, he should have little problem with a Wiki 
site. Previous copies are retained, and there is a difference feature 
which will highlight the changes between recent versions.

Just a thought.


Tomasz Chmielewski told me on 12/22/2005 09:24:
> I am looking for some solution, working with Samba preferably, which 
> would allow multiple users to work on one document.
> This means that if a user makes a change to the document, a previous 
> version of that document is saved somewhere else.
> For example, user A opens a document (rw - read/write, ro - read-only 
> document):
> rw \\server\share\document.txt
> User makes some changes, and saves it to the same place.
> This SVN/CVS-like share handles the change inteligently, and makes a 
> copy of the previous file to a ro file somewhere else:
> ro \\server\share\backup\2005.12.22-16:24:04\document.txt
> Do you have something in mind which would allow me to do something like 
> that *transparently* to the user (assuming the user doesn't know much 
> more about computers than opening Word document etc.)?

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