[Samba] VFS for encryption/decryption

Felix Brack fb at ltec.ch
Thu Dec 22 10:04:25 GMT 2005

Hello Andrew,

In my case, clear over the network would be ok. The problem I am
trying to solve is: I can setup Samba PDC perfectly so every user
get's some space which is accessible by nobody else. The administrator
of the samba server however (at least the user root) has access to
all files of all users.
The normal user has no LINUX login account on the box running the
samba server.
I could ask the users to run TrueCrypt (www.truecrypt.org) and create
a encrypted file on their home directory on the Samba server. This
works perfect but I was just looking for an even more transparent
solution which I think could be provided by some sort of VFS module.



Andrew Bartlett wrote:

AB> On Mon, 2005-12-19 at 13:39 +0100, Felix Brack wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Does anybody know of an existing VFS module that allows on the fly
>> encryption of the contents of a samba file share?

AB> Encryption on disk, but clear over the network?

AB> (that is the main problem I see with this idea).

AB> Andrew Bartlett

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