[Samba] samba start: not working in /etc/init.d/smb ???

Vijay Avarachen vavarachen at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 03:00:03 GMT 2005

   I have no idea about what is to be gained from copying the init script to
/root and executing it.  Ok here is what I would suggest...
[1] Stop the service "service smb stop".  This is very red hat specific, a
more general way of doing this would be "/etc/init.d/smb stop".
[2] Use testparm command to validate your smb.conf file.
[3] If testparm does not complaint about anything, then next step would be
to start samba service.  "service smb start"
To verify that the services are running you can do a few things.  "service
smb status",  "ps -ef | grep mbd"  You should see nmbd and smbd running.
Also you can do a "netstat -anpt" and see is samba ports are open.
[4] If the services are running, and you still cannot connect to it from
Windows, then try turning off your firewall.  "service iptables stop".  By
the way if you are simply using the network browser to find your linux host,
instead try //xx.xx.xx.xx/share .
[5] Try to connect from Windows again.  If successful then you need to place
iptables rules to allow traffic.  Search the mailing list archive for an
email titled "Lessons Learned".  I have mentioned my iptables rules in
[6] If turning off firewall didn't do anything, leave it turned off and try
doing other basic network troubleshooting such as a ping test.

Oh! if you try "service smb stop" and it failed, then use the kill command
to kill nmbd and smbd service.  Keep in mind the roles of nmbd and smbd.
For Windows to see the Linux host in its network browse list, you need to
have nmbd running.  Also please read the Samba By Example pdf/book

Good luck,
Vijay Avarachen

On 12/21/05, Steve Bernier <steber.listes at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> This may be a stupid question, but I really don't get it. When I restart
> my
> Linux box (occasionnaly / rarely), samba is not working from my Windows
> station. I can't connect to the samba drive. If I do /etc/init.d/smb
> restart, it doesn't work either.
> After many unsuccessfull problem determination, I found that there is two
> ways to correct this:
> 1- kill smbd -D process (master) and restart it manually
> 2- copy the /etc/init.d/smb to /root/smb, and simply execute /root/smb
> restart !!!
> The second option doesn't make sense. I check every script called in
> "smb",
> and there is no call to $0 variable that could modify this.
> Software & hardware:
> Linux, Redhat, FC4
> kernel 2.6.14
> samba 3.0.14a
> yum update done this week
> Celeron 333 Mhz
> 320 MB RAM
> 160 GB HD
> from /var/samba/computername.log
> This message is appearing multiple time when it doesn't work
> [2005/12/21 20:52:27, 0] smbd/service.c:make_connection_snum(615)
>   '/home/snip' does not exist or is not a directory, when connecting to [
> snip]
> This message is appearing after I initiate the smbd from /root/smb script
> (which is a cp -p /etc/init.d/smb /root/smb !!!)
> [2005/12/21 20:53:38, 1] smbd/service.c:make_connection_snum(642)
>   computername (ipaddress) connect to service partage initially as user
> someuser
> (I changed directory, share, computername, ipaddress and user for security
> reason, you never know...)
> I have a pretty good understanding of Unix (mainly AIX), but not really
> samba. For sure I could resolve this the hard way (whatever necessary...),
> but I would prefer to understand what's happening!
> Any help appreciated.
> Thx,
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