[Samba] a question about LPRng

s.y.c. syanchan at hku.hk
Wed Dec 21 01:12:46 GMT 2005

Dear Sir,

Our host is running Linux, with Samba-3.0.20 and LPRng-3.8.28. 
Recently we re-compile LPRng and changed the "--with-unix_socket_path" option 
from the default /var/run/lprng to somewhere else. Everything seems to work 
as we can print from the host as before. However the problem is that all 
Windows clients cannot print via Samba queues. The Samba log reads :

>Status Information, attempt 1 of 3:
>sending job 'user at host+770' to queue at localhost
> connecting to 'localhost', attempt 1
> cannot open connection to localhost - Connection refused
>Make sure the remote host supports the LPD protocol
>and accepts connections from this host and from non-privileged (>1023) ports
>Waiting 10 seconds before retry

Then we re-compile LPRng again without changing the "unix_socket_path" 
value, and the problem goes. We'd like to know if Samba requires LPRng to 
use /var/run/lprng invariably ?


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