[Samba] Removing stale host/workgroups in browse lists

Henrik Zagerholm henke at mac.se
Wed Dec 21 10:16:15 GMT 2005

I really don't now how to get rid of them I just know that Microsoft  
does not see browsing as a prioritised task and therefore does not  
update the lists instantly.

If you have any luck. Please let us know.


20 dec 2005 kl. 22:35 skrev Michael Barnes:

> I've got a moderate network with several subnets, a number of  
> domains and workgroups. I have a central WINS server, each domain  
> has its own PDC.  My problem is transient users. We have occasional  
> users who plug a laptop into the network.  Once they leave, they  
> hang around in Network Neighborhood forever.  Then I have users who  
> curiously click on their icon in NN and their machine just sits  
> there searching for the long gone host.
> Is there any way to get rid of these stale hosts?  I've deleted the  
> browser.dat and wins.dat files on the PDCs and WINS server, but  
> everything comes right back in a few minutes.  Eventually (like six  
> months) these things go away.  But, if there is a fairly easy way  
> to clean them out, I'd like to do it.
> Thanks,
> Michael
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