[Samba] OT: NIC Problem (Fwd: In response to your USRobotics technical support questions, your case #:300882125)

Eric Hines eehines at comcast.net
Wed Dec 21 04:14:57 GMT 2005

OK, this really is my last post on the matter; Adam brings up a valid point.

SUSE Pro 9.3 (kernel found the US Robotics NIC right 
off, but said it could not find a driver for it.  My Netgear went 
right in, with SUSE finding that driver just fine.  Both were, 
indeed, based on the RTL8169 chip (I assume USR's was, based on the 
delivered software directory structure and naming).  I ran a standard 
installation of SUSE, right off Novell's DVDs.  Netgear, among 
others, was mentioned in the list of drivers provided for YaST's 
"manual" configuration; no USR driver was in that list.  Netgear's 
driver was present enough for YaST's automatic installation; USR's 
was not.  The fact remains, though, that even were this a SUSE 
problem and not a USR one, USR's tech support could have answered my 
question the first time, and not the second.

Eric Hines

At 12/20/05 20:28, Adam Nielsen wrote:
>Hi Eric,
> > > >which is supposed to contain the Linux kernel driver RTL8169
>If that card is based on the RTL8169 chip, there's already a driver for
>it supplied with the Linux kernel.  If compilied as a module, it's
>called r8169.  I've been using it myself for about a year now without
>any problems.  You could perhaps try that instead?

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