[Samba] File-name Mangling issue...

Amit Sharma amitsharma_26 at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 20 19:32:59 GMT 2005

I want all the file-names to be stored on a samba share from my XP clients 
to be automatically converted to 8.3 syntax, so that i do not have any 
further problem while transporting those files over to other 
networks/servers like netware.

As for now i am using these below mentioned lines to support file-name 
mangling over my samba.
#I do not want my filenames to be case sensitive, hence
case sensitive = no
#I want all file names to be saved as in upper case, hence
default case = upper
#I do not want user input file-name case to be preserved, hence
preserve case = no
#I do not even want the case of files which conform to 8.3 syntax to be 
preserved, hence
short preserve case = no
# I am not sure exactly what does this key/value pairs do, even though its 
the default value..
mangled name = yes

First thing :
But whenever i testparm my smb.conf, i get the error of
Unknown parameter encountered: "mangled name"
Ignoring unknown parameter "mangled name"

As per the smb.conf man page :
"The name mangling (if enabled) allows a file to be copied between UNIX 
directories from Windows/DOS while retaining the long UNIX filename.

Default: mangled names = yes"

Second thing :
What does it mean by "if enabled" ?
Do i need to recompile my samba for mangling support & if yes, what exactly 
do i need to mention as when compiling samba ?

Can any one enlighten up this issue a bit or tell me where did i went wrong?
I am using samba-3.0.10-1.4E.

Thanks & regards

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