[Samba] Shared permission problem

Thang Tran victory_tran at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 19 16:01:37 GMT 2005

I try to shared a folder on samba let say /data/test1,
it working fine BUT when I try to added any user to
that folder with some access by right click on the
test1 folder property -> Security-> Add it then come
back and said:
You're logged on with an account that does not have
access to: Caliber, where as Caliber id Redhat Linux
Samba server
my account is Admin and had all the privilege on the
Samba server, the test1 folder had 777 permission, and
smb.conf look like this:
        path = /data/test1
        Admin user = account1
        comment = Data Storage location
       path = /storage/Georgia
       writeable = yes
       browseable = yes
       guest ok = no
       printable = no
       directory mask = 777
       valid users = users
Any Idea ??? The Samba server is standalone.

Thang M. Tran          email: victory_tran at yahoo.com

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