[Samba] Startup and/or Access Problem

Gene Poole Gene.Poole at fds.com
Mon Dec 19 18:29:31 GMT 2005

I attempted to upgrade from FC3 to FC4 without success (the system would
still run).  So I ended up doing a full FC4 install.  While still running
FC3 (with a perfectly running Samba), I copied all of the important Samba
files (smb.conf, smbusers, lmhosts, etc.) to a safe place (burned it to a

After getting the new FC4 install up and running and installing Webmin, I
copied the Samba files from the CD to the standard location (/etc/samba).
I attempted to do a start on the product (while being logged on as root)
and received the following:

      Entered:    service start smb
      Received:   smbd start failed
                  nmbd start successful

Using Webmin I get:

      "Access Control error on smbd"
      "Start Failed"

What is it trying to tell me?

Gene Poole
gene.poole at fds.com

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