[Samba] The single WINS problem: question

Michael Gasch gasch at eva.mpg.de
Mon Dec 19 12:24:01 GMT 2005

you misunderstood my recommendation:
the BDCs should not be WINS server.
if you have multiple subnets, each subnet should get its own BDCs for
logins to avoid login problems if the PDC and WINS server is down!


werner maes wrote:
> At 10:32 19/12/2005, you wrote:
>> werner maes wrote:
>>> no, because all our client are not located on the same subnet!
>> ok, you´re right. that´s another story.
>> i thought all clients/servers are in the same subnet, because your BDC 
>> is on the same subnet as the PDC.
>> why don´t you setup BDCs for each subnet that your clients are at 
>> least able to login?
>> greetz
> problem remains that the single point of failure is your WINS server 
> (the PDC in my case). it's not recommend that you set each BDC to act as 
> a WINS server.
> werner
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