[Samba] windows env variable for USERDOMAIN is wrong

Greg Fischer retheoff at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 03:55:17 GMT 2005

I am not logged in locally.  I checked for that.

I did, however, find a cure...  since it's a new install with new user
accts, I just deleted the samba account and recreated it.  (not the unix

smbpasswd -x username
smbpasswd -a username

The user then had the domain name set correctly for USERDOMAIN.  And this
didnt affect the XP profile.  (since this fixed it, I have to assume this is
a Samba prob)

Just a guess, but this might have been an issue because I created some users
before I made Samba a PDC. (since I think this is why I had the name wrong,
it's really my prob :)

Thanks for the help.


On 12/18/05, Doug VanLeuven <roamdad at sonic.net> wrote:
> Greg Fischer wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I just setup my Samba PDC.  Mostly everything works, but I am wondering
> why
> > on some clients, they have the wrong USERDOMAIN environment
> variable.  (when
> > you run 'set' in win xp cmd)
> >
> > The domain name is MEIDLING, and the user and computer are joined
> ok.  But
> > in set, it shows USERDOMAIN as the Server name. Which is MAIN.
> >
> > How do I change that?
> As far as I know, when the environment variable USERDOMAIN is set to the
> machine
> name, it means you have logged in locally to the machine instead of on the
> domain.
> Not a samba problem.
> Regards, Doug

Greg Fischer
1st Byte Solutions

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