[SAMBA] getpeername failed

Dennis B. Hopp dhopp at coreps.com
Mon Dec 19 03:42:50 GMT 2005

Franck Y wrote:

>Thanks for your reply !
>Not something in particular but i get more when i was doing a backup....
>It s so weird.
>I think it something with acces to files u don t know and it pi**ing me off...
To my understanding Windows (XP at least) tries to connect to both port 
139 and 445 (it sends the request to each port at basically the same 
time).  If it receives a response on port 445 it will drop the 
connection to 139, but it doesn't do it gracefully and so the samba 
server just says "connection reset by peer".

The default behavoir of samba is to listen on both ports (since it's the 
default for windows).  You can override it in smb.conf and tell samba to 
only listen on one of the ports.

It could also be a problem with oplocks, but I'm not familiar with those 
at all so somebody else will have to chime in.


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