[Samba] Implementation Question

Graham Leggett minfrin at sharp.fm
Sun Dec 18 22:20:16 GMT 2005

Dennis B. Hopp wrote:

> Did you just use the LDAP schema that is included with Samba or did you 
> make your own and then make Samba use that?

I used the standard v3.0 schema that came with Samba.

> Did you use some howto or come up with it on your own?

As I recall I used the normal Samba manual, but it was a while ago, I 
may have used some other info as well.

> I'm pretty familiar with Samba but LDAP is sort of new to me (I can 
> query an LDAP database for information I need, but to actually construct 
> an LDAP schema ground up is a different story).

Sticking to standard schemas gives you better odds that tools you add to 
your system will work without any fiddling around.

I used a tool called directory_administrator to admin the LDAP server, 
although the tool can be flaky at times.

Start off by creating a small experimental LDAP based PDC, and then 
slowly adding users to it as you get it working. Don't try migrate 
everything in one go, otherwise it will give you major headaches.


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