[Samba] Re: SAMBA3 + LDAP

paul kölle paul at subsignal.org
Sat Dec 17 19:29:09 GMT 2005

mallapadi niranjan wrote:
> Hi all
> I have samb3 with LDAP , My query is
> 1. My clients are windows 2000 professional, and the clients are not able to
> join the domain
> but if add the computer name in /etc/passwd
> ie computername$:x:110:200::/bin/false:/dev/null
> and then do smbpasswd -a -m computername , the computer is able to join the
> domain
> but i have mentioned the add machine script in smb.conf file
It seems you missed the nss_ldap part, what is in your /etc/ldap.conf
and /etc/nsswitch.conf?

> 2. After Joining the domain, i am unable to login as Administrator, but able
> to login as root
> if i give command getent passwd | grep Administrator , there is no output
again, nss_ldap setup broken.

> 3. How do i create groups , and add users to the groups, it is not taking
> system groups,
> when i do smbldap-populate, it adds people,group, Domain Admins, Domain
> Users, etc and root, but not system groups
> so how to add system groups ,
depends, if you have the "add user to group script" and friends set up
in smb.conf you can use usermgr.exe. You can use any ldap-tool to do it

> 4. in have smbldap-tool 0.9 , in that there is no mkntpasswd , is it ok, or
> this should be there, when i downloaded from the IDEALX website, it was not
> there int the TAR.gz file.
I think it has been replaced with some perl module recently.


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