[Samba] network share from samba slow over vpn

Derek derek.cooke at galazar.com
Fri Dec 16 19:20:36 GMT 2005

I've setup a standard Samba share on one of our Solaris servers.  Everything
works great locally.   Even a  fast VPN connection work fine.  But a VPN
slower  then 80ms ping response time and they start to see delays when
trying to brows through the shared directories.  With an even slower
connection of 120ms ping time an the browsing becomes unbearable.   Seems to
me that the connection is timing out or trying to retransmit.  At first I
thought it may be our firewall or the type of VPN.  But I tested other
services (telnet, ftp, xterm, vnc) at the slower speed without any issues.


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