[Samba] reconnect mount using smbfs

Habib Datoo habib at absco.net
Fri Dec 16 11:08:14 GMT 2005


I have a winXP service running on one of the machines which recieves
confirmation files from a reservations system. All the useres require access
to these files but winXP has a limit of a maximum of 10 connections to a
share. Previously I had mounted the winXP share on the linux box using
(mount -t smbfs //xpmachine/tairs /home/tairs/ -o
umask=777,gid=selsdon,uid=habib,fmask=777) and set the mounted directory as
a samba share. This worked fine if the  xp machine was turned off the share
would become inaccessible but would reconnect as soon as the machine was up

Now however if the xp machine is turned off or restarted the mount seems to
hang. I then have to force unmount it and then remount.

Is there some option that needs to be set to get smbmount to reconnect to
the windows share when it gets disconected. Is it also possible for while it
is not connected just to point to the local directory


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