[Samba] Configuring linux clients with smbspool/cups

guilhermemtorresbase-lista at yahoo.com.br guilhermemtorresbase-lista at yahoo.com.br
Fri Dec 16 01:21:21 GMT 2005


I need to set some linux clients to print at a printer
shared by a W2k machine in a NT domain.

I have some lab´s with linux/windows boot machines and
there is a printer in another server (w2k).

When my users use the windows environment the printer
can be used without problems.

When they use the linux machines, I don´t know how to
authenticate them when they want to print some jobs at
a printer shared by a W2k machine.

To test, I did a link like "ln –s `which smbspool`
/usr/lib/cups/backend/smb" and configured the cups

It works fine if I have just one user, but I want that
the linux machine asks for the username and password
from each user before accepting the printing job from
a linux client.

Is it possible?



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