[Samba] Keeping file creation time on Samba file shares

Stefan Backström backstromstefan at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 15 16:29:39 GMT 2005


I am managing an IT environment with a mixed populatiion of WindowsXP 
clients, Win2000 servers and a fast growing number of Samba servers (both 
Fedora and RedHat --- latest versions).
I have run into a problem when applications on the XP clients store data on 
the Samba shares and the NTFS metadata "file creation time" is lost. For the 
applications used, this metadata is critical to keep.

Does anyone know of a way to get the Samba machines to keep this Windows 
file metadata, in particular the "file creation time"? Are there any 
settings one can do in the Samba environments? Are there any additional 
products available that one can install on the Samba machines to accomplish 
this? Any hint, tips, tricks or information about available products (both 
freeeware/shareware/commercial) will be *greatly* appreciated.

Best regards / Stefan

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