[Samba] Re: LDAP account management tools?

"Raúl D. Pittí Palma" rdpitti at globaltecsa.com
Thu Dec 15 14:08:23 GMT 2005

Andreas Haumer wrote:

>b) From my experience (I have set up dozends of Linux File/Printer/
>   Mail/VPN/etc. servers using LDAP account databases for small and
>   medium sized companies) a standardized LDAP database structure
>   _does_ fit systems from a few to, let's say, several hundert users,
>   from the typical single-server-small-office-network to the larger
>   network with dozends of servers and many services distributed over
>   several locations and several departments. It took me quite some
>   time to put together the LDAP database structure, all the tools
>   needed and tweak them to work together seamlessly, though.
hey!, please share your LDAP database structure, i found that part the 
mst time consuming when you are creating a new domain, or a LDAP server 
able to support multiple apps (samba, mail, locally developed software, 
vpn, etc..)
Any case study or some notes you would like to share, i can help with 
the QA of the manual,  and  the typing of the document, altough english 
is not mi first language :D

Raúl D. Pittí Palma
Global Engineering and Technologies
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Republic of Panama

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