[Samba] Re: LDAP account management tools?

Beast beast at i6x.org
Thu Dec 15 09:27:58 GMT 2005

Matt Lung wrote:
> Are there any plans for the Samba team to implement their own set of 
> web-based graphical tools to control accounts and servers?  The 
> Directory server that Redhat Enterprise and Fedora are pushing is 
> looking good, but how involved is the Samba team with that?
> phpLdapAdmin and LAM are excellent products, but it sure would be nice 
> if the tool was coming right from the Samba team, and it pretty much did 
> it all.  From walking you through setting up the server, initializing 
> your LDAP directory, to administration of the directory and server.   
> Maybe you have plans for this, maybe you don't.  I'm just curious.

Since samba can not works without other softwares, what we need is a 
full linux distro for Samba (complete replacement of Windows NT = NT 
Killer :-)



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