[Samba] Re: NET VIEW equivalent in Samba

Henrik Zagerholm henke at mac.se
Thu Dec 15 07:40:04 GMT 2005

findsmb() does not let you specify a workgroup which then will be  
used to list the containing machines in that workgroup and secondly  
findsmb does not display all of the workgroups on the subnet.

I actually wrote a own little C module that uses libsmbclient and it  
will display ALL workgroups on a subnät and kan also list all  
computers in a spcific workgroup.

14 dec 2005 kl. 21:05 skrev Jim Tee:

> findsmb
> Henrik Zagerholm wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Is there a NET VIEW equivalent in samba?
>> I looked at smbclient -L but then I have to know the browser master.
>> I only want to specifiy a workgroup..
>> Regards,
>> Henrik
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