[Samba] new server: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE

Michael Barnes mbarnes at hcjb.org
Wed Dec 14 19:29:54 GMT 2005

Take one machine to learn on.  Wipe it out and do a bare metal install. 
  Once your basic Linux is installed and working, follow Chapter 3 of 
"Samba3 - By Example" step by step.  Don't change anything.  See how it 
all works.  THEN, go in and change things one at a time to see the 
results and tune it to your desires.


Mathew D. Watson told me on 12/14/2005 13:10:
> John H Terpstra wrote:
>> On Wednesday 14 December 2005 10:12, Mathew D. Watson wrote:
>>> I've traced it down to what I think is an authentication problem:
>>> mat at mog:/etc/samba$ smbclient -L mog -U mat
>>> Password: <I enter my password here>
>>> session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
>>> If I replace -U mat with -N I get a typical smbclient -L listing, so I
>>> know something is working.
>>> Another fact is that I have an older Ubuntu (Hoary) machine that also
>>> serves samba and works. I copied its /etc/samba/smb.conf to the machine
>>> having trouble; the two machines are the same (config, username, and
>>> password). Right now the workgroup names are different on the two
>>> machines, but that didn't make a difference.
>>> I'm stumped.
>> [...]
>> Please follow the official Samba documentation.
> I have. I read the Samba3-HOWTO and many of the html docs that came with 
> the samba-docs package. I will readily admit that I didn't understand a 
> _lot_ of what I read. I'm an independent scientist who's trying to make 
> the most of my PC resources. I managed to get this working before, but I 
> can't repeat. By googling I found examples of the same error, but that's 
> all I found, problems and no solutions.
>  > Suggest you follow the
>> examples and the step-by-step deployment information in  the book 
>> "Samba-3 by Example". You can purchase hard copy from Amazon.Com, or 
>> download the PDF from:
>> http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/Samba3-ByExample.pdf
>> If you have a problem with any step, in any chapter of this book 
>> please email me the datails so I can improve the documentation.
> I read through the first several chapters. None of the situations 
> described seemed to fit, and much of what I read didn't make sense. The 
> book assumes the reader is skillful regarding windows networking, which 
> I'm not. Please don't think I'm saying it's a bad book. I'm simply 
> saying I had difficulty reading it. I'm comfortable with UNIX, and I 
> found the samba3-Howto much more readable, as it goes over the Windows 
> principles on which samba is based.
> All I want to do is set up password protected read write home shares on 
> 1 to 3 linux PCs that I can access from the 1 to 3 linux PCs and 1 XP 
> machine. Right now I have only one user account on all the machines 
> (mat), but I can imagine having a couple more users.
> If you suggest an appropriate example from your book, I'll be happy to 
> go back and study that chapter (and its predecessors), and then try to 
> implement it.
> Sincerely,
> Mat

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