[Samba] RHEL4 and samba

Margaret_Doll Margaret_Doll at brown.edu
Wed Dec 14 18:09:24 GMT 2005

I brought over the /etc/samba directory from a RHEL3 system to a RHEL4 

I disable selinux in case there was a problem with a port being blocked

iptables has port 139 and 445 enabled.

I can see the server in the Windows Network Neighborhood but the user 
cannot connect because they are unauthorized to attach from their 

Most of the test in the samba documentation work except.

smbclient -L server -N

shows  no computers, but does show the shares and


myserver		server comments

Workgroup	Master

2nd workgroup		master2
3rd workgroup		master3

nmblookup -B myserver  __SAMBA__
querying __SAMBA__ on correct ip address
name_query failed to find name __SAMBA__

nmblooup -M myworkgroup
querying myworkgroup on mysubnet
ip address of a client myworkgroup<1d>

"netstat -a" show netbios-ns

What do I have set up incorrectly?

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