[Samba] Re: LDAP account management tools?

Matt Lung matt.lung at midwest-tool.com
Wed Dec 14 17:28:42 GMT 2005

Are there any plans for the Samba team to implement their own set of 
web-based graphical tools to control accounts and servers?  The 
Directory server that Redhat Enterprise and Fedora are pushing is 
looking good, but how involved is the Samba team with that? 

phpLdapAdmin and LAM are excellent products, but it sure would be nice 
if the tool was coming right from the Samba team, and it pretty much did 
it all.  From walking you through setting up the server, initializing 
your LDAP directory, to administration of the directory and server.   
Maybe you have plans for this, maybe you don't.  I'm just curious. 

Deryck Hodge wrote:

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>Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
>>Should we create a list of LDAP management tools that support
>>the Samba schema?  For example, LAM & phpLdapAdmin.
>Sounds like a fine idea to me.  I probably need to do a bit of website
>reorganization so that tools, i.e. GUIs, LDAP management, etc., are easier
>to find.  I'll think through the best way to handle this.
>Meanwhile, can others chime in with their favorite LDAP tools?
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