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Jeff Hardy hardyjm at potsdam.edu
Wed Dec 14 02:07:55 GMT 2005

I am actually still using scripts largely like these, plus some internal
stuff that would needlessly complicate any examples.  I do have in my
notes one thing that didn't make it into the final example script
though.  The addprinter script should print the share name to STDOUT as
its last action in order to trigger samba to reload its config.  Failing
this, I saw "Access Denied..." in my testing.

#print sharename plus newline to make samba reload config
print ("$shname\n");

Also, I have another variation that trolls the /usr/share/cups/model
directory, using the modelname given from the windows driver to try to
find a matching ppd to assign in CUPS.  However, I would guess that most
people using the APW to add printers probably really want raw printing.

On the other hand, I do do this with "cups options = raw" in samba.
This allows for a ppd assigned to the CUPS queue for IPP jobs (and LPR
if desired), while Samba merrily serves up the proper vendor drivers for
Windows clients and prints jobs raw.  Anyway, if you think this would be
a good addition, and won't just confuse things, I'll send it.

On Tue, 2005-12-13 at 10:47 -0600, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
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> On Thu, 8 Dec 2005, Jeff Hardy wrote:
> > Download the samba source and check out
> > the /examples/scripts/printing/cups directory for some EXTREMELY
> > skeletal examples of these scripts. :)
> If anyone has any better examples, please send them. 
> cheers, jerry
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