[Samba] Strange automount problem with samba & LDAP

Yusuf TAMBAG yusuf at ceng.metu.edu.tr
Tue Dec 13 09:17:41 GMT 2005

Hi all,

Finally I've found that in auth/auth.c, 'check_ntlm_password' function 
stat works as expected, and I added some code to get user's home 
directory from LDAP and do a stat to that directory. Now everything 
works as expected. Is it possible that samba changes system's default 
encoding in somewhere, because system call 'system("ls -l 
/home/stf4/yusuf")' also did not worked.


Yusuf TAMBAG wrote:
> Following code segment pasted from vfstest works when I connect 
> anonymously (or root) does the automount, but when I connect as a user 
> it does not work.
> It wold be nice if someone could explain the difference between 
> anonymous login or root login and normal login, where they don't share 
> the same code. It seems to me that automount can not get right 
> information when loging as a user to samba (may be a extra null 
> character appended). any help will be appreciated.
> -regards.
>        vfs.conn = conn_new();
>        string_set(&vfs.conn->user,"vfstest");
>        for (i=0; i < 1024; i++)
>                vfs.files[i] = NULL;
>        smbd_vfs_init(vfs.conn);
>        test=SMB_VFS_STAT(vfs.conn, "/home/stf4/yusuf", &mystatus);
>        if (test == -1) {
>                DEBUG(0,("make_connection_snum: stat unsuccessfull!\n"));
>        }
>        else {
>                DEBUG(0,("make_connection_snum: stat successfull.\n"));
>                if (S_ISDIR(st.st_mode))
>                        DEBUG(0,("make_connection_snum: Directory!!\n"));
>                else
>                        DEBUG(0,("make_connection_snum: Not 
> Directory!!\n"));
>        }
>        free(vfs.conn);
> Yusuf TAMBAG wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I've installed samba-3.0.21rc2 on a solaris 10 machine (latest 
>> patches applied) by compiling from source:
>> #uname -a
>> SunOS newton 5.10 Generic_118844-20 i86pc i386 i86pc
>> User's home is mounted using automount without any problem. But when 
>> I try to mount using samba, it can not access the users home 
>> directory when it 's share is not mounted and gives following error:
>> [2005/12/05 15:49:30, 0] smbd/service.c:(690)
>>  '/home/stf4/yusuf' does not exist or permission denied when 
>> connecting to [yusuf] Error was No such file or directory
>> I also get following message in "/var/adm/messages" when I try to 
>> mount a user's samba share.
>> Dec  5 15:49:30 newton automountd[18951]: [ID 293258 daemon.warning] 
>> libsldap: Status: 7  Mesg: Session error no available conn.
>> Dec  5 15:49:30 newton last message repeated 11 times
>> Also following code segment I added to smbd/service.c does not work 
>> and prints failure for both cases:
>>        code=stat(conn->connectpath,mystatus);
>>        if(code)
>>                DEBUG(0,("stat to (%s) failed!\n",conn->connectpath));
>>        else
>>                DEBUG(0,("stat to (%s) suceeded.\n",conn->connectpath));
>>        code=S_ISDIR(mystatus->st_mode);
>>        if(!code)
>>                DEBUG(0,("S_ISDIR to (%s) failed!\n",conn->connectpath));
>>        else
>>                DEBUG(0,("S_ISDIR to (%s) 
>> suceeded.\n",conn->connectpath));
>> The same code runs without any problem alone (mounts the user's share 
>> if not mounted and returns success) and users can login and see their 
>> home directories without any problem.
>> Is samba using something else to access the filesystem other than the 
>> system calls ? How can I make it to access using system calls or how 
>> can I resolv the problem ?
>> -regards.

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