[Samba] Printers recommended for Samba network Shares

Philip Washington phwashington at comcast.net
Tue Dec 13 03:28:40 GMT 2005

I am looking for printers to replace HP Deskjets and Inkjets.  My inital 
cost limit is roughly $200 and can probably go higher for network 
enabled printers.  But basically I am looking for printers which I can 
configure to be shared via linux to windows computers?

I have tried setting up some HP Deskjet 960 and HP Deskjet 990 , but 
have never been able to get windows clients to connect to them via a 
linux samba share.

The current recommendation I have is to get a Canon, but this is based 
on future cost ( printer cartridges ) and has nothing to do with 
technical merits of getting it connected via a samba share. 

I would really like to get these new printers connected via samba share 
because it would greatly reduce my administrative and network management 
overhead (time).


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