[Samba] nisplussam support

Arkadiy Chapkis - Arc achapkis at dls.net
Mon Dec 12 22:42:29 GMT 2005

  Hello everyone,

  As I've read Release Notes, the nisplussam plug-in was removed from Samba 3.0.x
However I cannot compile 2.2.12 on my Solaris 10 machine (gives me undefined symbol probably due to gcc v. 3.4.3). Is
there a way to include nisplussam support manually? I downloaded pdb_nisplus.c and tried to change configure.in and
configure, but as I'm not a programmer, I couldn't get it to be included in Makefile. And as I tried to manually add
passdb/pdb_nisplus.o in Makefile, the make process failed right at the beginning.

  Can someone help me with short instruction on how to make nisplussam back into samba 3.0.x, please?
Thank you very much,

                                      Arc C.
                                      achapkis at dls.net

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