[Samba] Intergration with LDAP

Mike van Lokven Mike at dounsix.co.nz
Mon Dec 12 21:15:33 GMT 2005

Thanks Stephanie

I am a bit weary to do a special compile of samba as this would possibly 
get broken when the system next updates the samba server via yum.
I understood that samba v3 did support LDAP as standard out of the box. 
I may guess that there is no way round this at the moment for us.

Many thanks


Stéphane Purnelle wrote:

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>Mike van Lokven a écrit :
>>I have samba-3.0.10-1.4E.2 running on Redhat EL4 which I am trying
>>to integrate with Redhat directory. I have had to shift the LDAP
>>port from 389 to another location
>>When I run testparm I get the following error
>>[root at TestServer ~]# testparm Load smb config files from
>>/etc/samba/smb.conf Unknown parameter encountered: "ldap port"
>>Ignoring unknown parameter "ldap port" Processing section
>>"[netlogon]" Processing section "[profiles]" Processing section
>>What can I do to fix this?
>>Many thanks
>Please read doc and howto available on samba website.
>ldap port is a parameter for samba 2.2.x, if the package from redhat
>is not compiled with --ldapsam option, you have not
>this parameter.  You must use ldap backend parameter for setting up
>connection to ldap backend.
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