[Samba] Migrating W2K Workstation to Samba Domain

Michael Barnes mbarnes at hcjb.org
Mon Dec 12 15:35:03 GMT 2005

I had similar problems just a short time ago.  IIRC, the two big areas 
were the paths and the permissions.  Be sure your paths to the profile 
storage folder are correct, and be sure the users can write to them.  I 
was confused by the fact that Unix permissions and Samba permissions 
seem to be different animals.  I ended up setting most of the stuff to 
777 to get it to work.  Since no one logs into the shell except 
administrators, you shouldn't have too much problem.  Using controls 
like "valid users" "browseable" etc. in the share definitions in your 
smb.conf will keep your network users in and out as needed.

After all that and re-reading your post, you have one client in a public 
area.  Do you need roaming profiles?  Do you really need to join the 
domain?  Can you have just local profiles and have the client on the 
same workgroup as the Samba server, treat the share as public, and have 
the profile map the share when the user logs in?  Might be easier.


Michael Urban told me on 12/12/2005 09:16:
> I am replacing a W2K AD server with a Samba server.  The server has
> a single W2K Workstation client, in a public area and used by a dozen
> or so different users.  When I join the workstation to the Samba domain,
> it complains that it cannot load a roaming profile (in the W2K AD domain,
> it used local profiles), and it does not create a new local profile,
> instead using a temporary profile.
> Obviously a permission problem somewhere.  What is the exact problem,
> and what is the solution?
> 	Mike

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