[Samba] Re: sambaNTPassword does NOT write to master LDAP when machines auto change the values

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Mon Dec 12 14:20:27 GMT 2005

Paul Hanson wrote:
> We have SuSE SLES9 servers with LDAP master/slave replication (24
> replications/BDC's)
> All working fine -joining domain etc.
> The problem I am having is PC's at remote sites (BDC) with a local
> replica (OpenLDAP) periodically change the
> sambaNTPassword/sambaLMPassword on there own and write to the local LDAP
> server and do NOT follow the referral to the master.

> Can you help on this subject - this is causing major issues with
> machines moving sites!!!

I'd suggest filing a formal bug report/enhancement request:

-- Rex

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