[Samba] Migrating files with ACLS and Share properties

Marc Dubrowski mdubrowski at schaerbeek.irisnet.be
Mon Dec 12 11:09:46 GMT 2005

Hi list,

I could'nt find specific info ion the subject on google, and I'm not
sure if the list is appropriated, but,

I need to migrate a complete directory-tree from one w2k server to 1st
another w2kserver, an then, to a Samba Server (still to be installed).

The biggest problem is, if I just copy the directory, I will loose all
info over users and permissions. I will also loose the shared
directories inside the top directory. (In fact, the shares have been
made in with no common sense, but I temporarily have to keep this so for
1 or 2 months).

Is there a tootl that will allow me to copy all the filesystem and keep
the acls on the files.

We are using AD for authentication in mixed mode.

Could you give me some clues or pointers please ?

THanks in advance


Marc Dubrowski
Administrateur systèmes/réseaux
Administration communale de Schaerbeek

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