[Samba] password for swat

Roman Budzianowski roman at budzianowski.net
Mon Dec 12 05:55:47 GMT 2005


On OS X 10.4 swat is run from launchd and the equivalent of conf file  
is swat.plist. This file seems to control only the start up.  
smbpasswd refuses to change any passwords (though it asks for it  
first!). The messages in the log file indicate that the  
authentication is done through pam. I am not familiar with pam, but  
the file /etc/pam.d/chkpasswd contains the following:
# chkpasswd: auth account
auth       required       pam_unix.so
account    required       pam_unix.so

which I guess means that unix password should be enough (but is not).

Below is swat.log. I don't like the rhost, but don't know how  
to fix it. Is swat.plist the right place?

   pass_check: Checking (PAM) password for user root (l=9)
[2005/12/10 22:56:36, 4] /SourceCache/samba/samba-92.13/samba/source/ 
   smb_pam_start: PAM: Init user: root
[2005/12/10 22:56:36, 4] /SourceCache/samba/samba-92.13/samba/source/ 
   smb_pam_start: PAM: setting rhost to:
[2005/12/10 22:56:36, 4] /SourceCache/samba/samba-92.13/samba/source/ 
   smb_pam_start: PAM: setting tty
[2005/12/10 22:56:36, 4] /SourceCache/samba/samba-92.13/samba/source/ 
   smb_pam_start: PAM: Init passed for user: root
[2005/12/10 22:56:36, 4] /SourceCache/samba/samba-92.13/samba/source/ 
   smb_pam_auth: PAM: Authenticate User: root
[2005/12/10 22:56:36, 2] /SourceCache/samba/samba-92.13/samba/source/ 
   smb_pam_auth: PAM: Athentication Error for user root
[2005/12/10 22:56:36, 2] /SourceCache/samba/samba-92.13/samba/source/ 
   smb_pam_error_handler: PAM: Authentication Failure :  
Authentication failure
[2005/12/10 22:56:36, 0] /SourceCache/samba/samba-92.13/samba/source/ 
   smb_pam_passcheck: PAM: smb_pam_auth failed - Rejecting User root !
[2005/12/10 22:56:36, 4] /SourceCache/samba/samba-92.13/samba/source/ 
   smb_pam_end: PAM: PAM_END OK.

Roman Budzianowski
roman at budzianowski.net

On Dec 11, 2005, at 8:21 AM, Eric Hines wrote:

> There are a couple of things you may need to do.  One is to write a  
> swat configuration file. There's a good example on page 53 of Ts,  
> Eckstein, and Collier-Brown's _Using Samba_ (O'Reilly pub) that  
> works well for Fedora Core and SUSE.  You may need to tailor it  
> some for your OS, but I think most of the tailoring will be in  
> where you have to put the file.  Also, the example includes the  
> line "only-from = localhost."  You may need to change that to "only- 
> from =" Localhost almost always works, but sometimes  
> it's necessary to use the IP address instead.  Also, after having  
> installed the file, don't forget to restart (or start in the first  
> place) your inetd or xinetd--whichever daemon your OS uses.
> You also may need to add root's password to smbpasswd.
> Hope this helps.
> Eric Hines
> At 12/10/05 03:36, Roman Budzianowski wrote:
>> I got SWAT running on OS X 10.4 and when I go to localhost:901 I am
>> asked for password. However neither root nor admin work (I enabled
>> root). I get:
>> The name or password entered for area "SWAT" on localhost:901 was
>> incorrect. Please try again.
>> Thanks for help,
>> Roman Budzianowski
>> roman at budzianowski.net
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