[Samba] WINS and isolating groups

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Mon Dec 12 05:11:20 GMT 2005

> Is this possible?  I have read of a WinNT4 setting - Wins scope (or
> something like that) but I can't find something similar in samba's
> manpages.

I have a feeling that option is to do with connecting multiple WINS
servers together.

Given that Windows hosts also communicate via broadcasts, I think the
only way to do this would be to put each company on a different
subnet.  I don't know whether this means you have to run a different
instance of Samba for each subnet or whether one server can work across
all subnets, but I think a subnet division is the only way to stop the
broadcasts from working (and thus you won't need a WINS server at all.)


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