[Samba] libsmbclient smbc_context problems.

Henrik Zagerholm henke at mac.se
Sun Dec 11 10:53:22 GMT 2005

Hello all!

I have a problem/question regarding sambas context caching.

I have a little C module which uses some basic functions from  
libsmbclient. I.e smbc.opendir().

When I use this from a linux terminal and supply a user/pass it works  
as it should. (Access granted when right user/pass and access denied  
when wrong pass. Obviously! :))

The problem is that if I use the module from a web application the  
context gets cached in some weird way (and yes you probably would  
teel me to please turn of caching in your browser but this is not the  
issue :))

If I start out with a bad user/pass I get access denied BUT if I once  
have the right user/pass the context sticks and I can use which pass  
I want and still get access.  If I change the user I get access  
denied but as soon as I put the right username back I get access even  
though I use a  bougus passwrod. I have to restart the web server so  
release it.

My question is: Who, what, when does samba store smbclient access  
attempts adn how do I clear them. (I've tried free_context with no  
success). I've tried other modules and functions in my web server  
backend and then I never get a chaching problem so it is something  
with libsmbclient when run from a webserver.

I've building a simple web app to validate correct smb login  
credentials so if you have a better solution please let me know :)  
Right now I have to pipe output from the rpcclient command and that  
is not a pretty solution :) But hey, at least my credentials doesn't  
get cached!

Have a great weekend!


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