[Samba] Opening samba shares from W2K system - help

Bud Curtis bud.curtis at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 10 18:21:40 GMT 2005

I have a simple LAN microsoft workgroup setup with four W2K systems and one
linux server.  I'm planning on the Fedora 4 box to be the printer and file
server.  I have samba running and I can see the file shares in the windows
file explorer.  However, I can't connect because of a password issue.  I
have the same user set up on the linux system (in fact they have the same
logon passwords), and the samba user and password is set identical to the
one on the W2K system as well.  However, when I try to open a share from the
W2K system I get a password error after completing the user and password
dialog.  I have tried encypted and unencrpted passwords on the linux samba
side with the same result.

I remember setting up a similar system several years ago and have a faint
recollection that there was a trick to getting past the password issue. Will
someone enlighten me - please.

Bud Curtis
Colorado Springs, CO

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