[Samba] Advanced Winbind questions

Ansgar Brauner ansgarb at googlemail.com
Fri Dec 9 13:30:22 GMT 2005

Hello everybody,

i'm using Samba 3.0.20 with Winbind to check logins against an
ActiveDirectoryServer. At the first login pam_mkhomedir creates a Folder
containing the Homedirectory.

I've some Problems with this installation.

1. Windows does not differentiate between Capitals and lower case letters.

The Problem is that users can login with different spelling of their
Username. And on every login with a different spelling Linux creates a
new Homedirectory.

Is there any possibility to turn the loginname to lower case letters?

2. The ActiveDirectory contains a lot of groups from different
Organisation Units in our Company. I want only some of the groups to be
able to login.

Is it possible to tell winbind which users are able to login?

3. Is there any possibilty to tell winbind or Linux where to store a
users homedirectory? Where is this Information stored if winbind is used?

Thanks in advance



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