[Samba] Q: concerning user "nobody" and Samba 3

Frank Schifferstein sys3 at zv.fraunhofer.de
Fri Dec 9 07:40:40 GMT 2005


we are running several HP-UX 11.23 servers with Samba 2.2.x and are
starting a migration to Samba 3 and encounter several problems. 

As far as I understand this passage: (chapter 24, Upgrading from
Samba-2.x to Samba-3.0.20)

"The following issues are known changes in behavior between Samba-2.2
and Samba-3 that may affect certain installations of Samba. 

When operating as a member of a Windows domain, Samba-2.2 would map any
users authenticated by the remote DC to the "guest account" if a UID
could not be obtained via the getpwnam() call. Samba-3 rejects the
connection with the error message "NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE." There is no
current workaround to re-establish the Samba-2.2 behavior. "

the user nobody is not used anymore, and there is a need having unixuser
account for every windowsuser account. I know, this is a general need,
but for differerent purposes we configured "guest ok = yes" in some
shares to allow the "guest" access to shares where the unixaccount is
missung. Is my interpretation of the passage correct ? In case it is,
does it refer to security = domain/ads only or is it valid for security
= server as well (I know, security = server is not the preferred

regards.... Frank Schifferstein

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