[Samba] smbclient lookup fails when querying local machine

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Thu Dec 8 23:31:39 GMT 2005

> I've got a really odd issue -- a Samba server that can "smbclient -L"
> everyone but itself.
> session setup failed: Call timed out: server did not respond after
> 20000 milliseconds

This looks a lot like a firewall issue - are you sure your machine can
connect to itself on that interface on the SMB port?  It is possible to
get this behaviour by blocking the wrong thing at least with the Linux
firewall, so that would be the first place I'd check.

> my_name_register_failed: Failed to register my name BOOTHOST-1230<20>
> on subnet UNICAST_SUBNET. [2005/12/05 15:23:21, 0]
> nmbd/nmbd_namelistdb.c:standard_fail_register(290)
> standard_fail_register: Failed to register/refresh name

Out of curiosity, does it still do this if the name is <= 8 chars?


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