[Samba] Hanging SMBD processes - Samba CRASHING

Matt Johnson mwj at doc.ic.ac.uk
Thu Dec 8 19:58:22 GMT 2005

On Thu, 8 Dec 2005, Brian_Pickering at selinc.com wrote:

> We've had similar troubles with Samba 3.x on our ClearCase VOB server
> running RHEL3.  Our fix was to go back to the old 2.2.12, and we haven't
> had a problem since.  Unfortunately I was never able to devote enough time
> to tracking down the problem fully.  I had hoped that upgrading to RHEL4
> using a 2.6 kernel would help, but your experience doesn't bode well for
> that.

We had similar problems. stracing hung child smbd processes pointed the 
finger at *local* locking issues: processes were hanging in 
fcntl(...,F_SETLKW64,...) for one byte locks on fd 14 = locking.tdb; the 
culprit function is tdb_brlock.

Turning off oplocks seems to have helped, but we'd also like to get to 
the bottom of this... is this fcntl/locking hang behavior what you are 
seeing too?


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