[Samba] permissions weirdness with samba share mounted in linux

Josh Howe josh at sinu.com
Thu Dec 8 19:51:58 GMT 2005

I have two linux machines, both are running Samba. I'm trying to mount a
samba share that exists on machine A to a local mount point on machine
B. I created an account on machine A called "sharetest" with full access
to the samba share I want to mount on machine B. I tested by trying to
access the share via windows using the sharetest accocunt and it worked
great. Then I mounted the share on machine B with this command:

mount -t smbfs //[IP Address]/[Share] /mnt/test -o

Now when I try to access any of the subdirectories in /mnt/test on B
using any user other than Root, it won't even let me list their
contents. Shouldn't it let me do anything that the user I mounted as -
sharetest - do? Again, when I mount the share in windows also using the
sharetest account I can access the subfolders. What am I missing here?

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