[Samba] Newbie

john steele jsteele at mail.tstboces.org
Thu Dec 8 14:20:38 GMT 2005

I am new to SAMBA and Linux and need help finding documentation on the setup
and how to integrate SAMBA and LDAP with Windows based clients.  I have done
a lot of looking around and found a lot of information, but it all seems to
be written for someone with some knowledge of both software packages.  I did
pickup two Linux Admin books from Tech Republic and they are helpful.  But
they seem to be missing parts that I guess someone with more knowledge then
myself would know.   I guess I should give you a little background on
myself.  I am a Network Engineer with 21 year of Microsoft experience. In
the past few years I have been getting fed up with MS forcing me to upgrade
all me servers just because just want to sell a new OS.  So I have begun
looking into LINUX.  Because of the large MS client base (over 1000 clients)
my employer wants a solution that will integrate easily and SAMBA looks like
that option. 
Can you point me in the direction of some doc's or even some books that will
give the whole story or at least fill in the blanks.  Thanks up front for
all help.
John Steele

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