[Samba] Profile naming and Domain Name

Louis van Belle louis at van-belle.nl
Thu Dec 8 08:00:52 GMT 2005

This is normal behavor,
>> instead it creates john.smith.MIDEARTH. 

if on the pc local , john.smith exists, 
it always create a new folder john.smith.SERVERNAME
if you delete the local loginname and create te same again
you wil get a john.smith.PCNAME

mayby your domain name is MIDEARTH .. And not MARS. 


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>Onderwerp: [Samba] Profile naming and Domain Name
>For the purpose of my question I will use the following informaiton:
>User Name = john.smith
>Domain Name = MARS
>I have a samba-3 domain set up using Win XP Pro clients.  Everything 
>works ok besides for a few programs that are flaking out.  But I have 
>one small querk.
>I can log on the computer using MARS\john.smith and works fine.  Lets 
>say I have john.smith as a local user account with the profile of  
>%SYSTEMROOT%\Documents and Settings\john.smith and then he 
>logs into the 
>domain which should create the profile folder of john.smith.MARS but 
>instead it creates john.smith.MIDEARTH.
>Also when using usrmgr.exe or srvmgr.exe, it never find MARS 
>without me 
>having to select the domain.  I suspect its looking for 
>MIDEARTH as the 
>domain but i'm not sure why.
>Any ideas?
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