[Samba] Windows users, linux users and home drives on another server.

Greg greg at fqdn.com
Thu Dec 8 00:04:55 GMT 2005

One way,
you would have to read some documents if you are not familiar with 
unix,  such as the autofs howto.
assuming you are familiar with NFS,  autofs, and perhaps PAM,  depending 
on how you plan to auth users...
-export the dir which has the home dir server via nfs.
-setup autofs to auto mount the home dir server's export on the linux 
-point users home dir to the automount

if home dir server has home dirs under /usr/u/,  you would export /usr/u
on the linux workstation,  you might run automounter at the dir /nfs and 
create a map with 'home' as the key to the home dir's export,  so if you 
cd into /nfs/home it would mount the home servers /usr/u export.  In the 
passwd file you would point the users home dir to /nfs/home/username.  
or you could just do a static mount using the /etc/fstab file.  This way 
the linux machine will mount the home dir server's exports upon boot.

you fail to mention your environment setup, so that makes it a bit hard 
to say what might be the best way or guess at your familiarity with unix 
and its services / protocols,  there are other ways of doing this.  
anyway hope this helps a bit in getting you on your way.


Pete Charles wrote:

> I need some help. We currently have all users using Windows XP with 
> their home drives on a Samba server. I need to set up a way for some 
> users to log on to Ubuntu and to have the same home drives mapped as 
> their linux home drives. How can I do this?
> Pete

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