[Samba] logon drive = Z: causes problems

Brian Gewin briangewin at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 6 18:41:20 GMT 2005

"logon drive" defaults to Z:.  This causes our XP clients to get Z mapped to their home directory.
 We already use U for that purpose so they end up getting both U and Z mapped to the same
location.  Users being users this causes great confusion and there have been times when they've
deleted their entire Z drive thinking it was a duplicate copy of U.

I've attempted many different solutions including the obvious "logon drive = U:" but that proved
to be very unreliable and caused the U drive to disappear entirely in some cases.

The only solution I can think of now is to write a batch file that compares the U drive to the Z
drive and if they are indentical it will unmap the Z drive.  

I'm hoping there is a better way or that the Samba team would consider removing that option or
providing the ability to disable it.  I'd rather not tweak the source, we have way too many
servers running different versions of Samba.



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