[Samba] Joining Samba3 to NT4 domain problem

Kryol okrg at ukr.net
Wed Dec 7 08:15:35 GMT 2005

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Subject: Re[7]: [Samba] Joining Samba3 to NT4 domain problem 
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> > I wonder if it could be as simple as adding the computer on PDC  
> > first via Server Manager on PDC.  Then after adding it, try  
> >   
> > net join ....  
> >   
Joined successfully. 
But another problem appears. 
lanserver# id Administrator 
uid=15000(administrator) gid=15000(Domain Users) groups=15000(Domain Users) 
Compare with (from another samba): 
ws170101# id Administrator 
uid=15000(administrator) gid=15002(domain users) groups=15002(domain users), 15000
(domain admins), 15003(exchange users), 15011(wsp) 
How to resolve? 

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