[Samba] Other solution of Winbindd ? because he don't work ..

Noc Phibee noc at phibee.net
Tue Dec 6 15:35:34 GMT 2005


for my problems (i never received a idea of the problems), i am thinks 
that it's a
problems into code of winbindd.

I have tested the 3.0.14a 3.0.14b 3.0.20b 3.0.21rc1 and i have the same 
tested on 2 server, sames problems ...

Winbind work for a very small network, not for a large, after 1mn, 
winbindd don't answer
and use 100% of CPU
latest logs info:

[2005/12/06 16:28:41, 10] nsswitch/winbindd.c:winbind_client_read(470)
  client_read: read 0 bytes. Need 1824 more for a full request.
[2005/12/06 16:28:41, 5] nsswitch/winbindd.c:winbind_client_read(477)
  read failed on sock 9, pid 20943: EOF

after ... no other


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