[Samba] [more info] getpwnam fails on ldap

tom burkart samba at aussec.com
Tue Dec 6 08:35:24 GMT 2005

Today, tom burkart wrote:

> I have noticed the same issue here, that only came to light as I started 
> deleting user entries from the files (passwd, shadow, group) as part of the 
> migration process.  What is more frustrating is that the server that has the 
> master ldap server works fine, but the slave instance is the one that has the 
> problems described above, yet both run identical binaries (same RPMS 
> installed).
I have patched samba-3.0.14a/source/lib/util_pw.c:getpwnam_alloc(111) to 
return the actual errno that is set by sys_getpwnam() and it is 2 (no such 
file or directory).
Yet "getent passwd | grep <username>" returns the entry from the ldap 
directory.  The only problem I have found is that "getent shadow | grep 
<username>" returns a "<username>:x:::::::0" entry (ie cannot access 
shadow info).  All these commands are run as root so this should not be an 
issue.  But this seems to clear samba of being at fault and seems to point 
at nss_ldap.  I am somewhat guessing so I could be wrong here.

Anyway, it is now after hours and I can run tests as required so I am 
calling for ideas as to what to test next.


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