[Samba] getpwnam fails on ldap

tom burkart samba at aussec.com
Tue Dec 6 01:31:51 GMT 2005

Today, WebMaster wrote:

> I have a samba PDC on a network with 100 machines and 200 users. Everything worked fine with FC2 and samba 3.0.14a, but a hd crash decided me to update system to FC4.
> I can see now, in the logs file "User jon in passdb, but getpwnam() fails! when an user try to log in. On XP I can not login neither add new machine to domain.
I have noticed the same issue here, that only came to light as I started 
deleting user entries from the files (passwd, shadow, group) as part of 
the migration process.  What is more frustrating is that the server that 
has the master ldap server works fine, but the slave instance is the one 
that has the problems described above, yet both run identical binaries 
(same RPMS installed).

samba 3.0.14a
nss_ldap 220
pam_ldap 169
glibc 2.2.5
openldap 2.2.24


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