[Samba] getpwnam fails on ldap

WebMaster b3 at bdat.net
Tue Dec 6 00:46:20 GMT 2005

Hi all (excuse my poor english): 

I have a samba PDC on a network with 100 machines and 200 users. Everything worked fine with FC2 and samba 3.0.14a, but a hd crash decided me to update system to FC4.
I can see now, in the logs file "User jon in passdb, but getpwnam() fails! when an user try to log in. On XP I can not login neither add new machine to domain.

My pass backend is ldap://localhost
When I do "getent passwd"  I get all users, files and ldap.  When I do "net user" I get the complete users list. When joining a machine to domain, the machine account is created on ldap by add machine script ( I use smbldap-tools), but can not join actually to domain. Also, ntlm_auth works without problems.

I used the "getpwnam " system call on a simple C program and works fine.

Winbind works fine.

When I add the "getent passwd" output to /etc/passwd, users can login with no problems again, but now getent duplicate users.

Samba versions was both 3.0.14a, on FC1 and FC4.

Any idea for solving this situation?

Thank you in advance

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